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Accelerating enterprise collaboration, automation, innovation and digital transformation.

Ungoti creates digital solutions that work. Of course, this means increasing your productivity, solving legacy challenges, and bringing teams closer together. However, companies also choose Ungoti because everything’s done with total focus on your most valuable resource – your people.

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Employees expect it, your competitors are doing it, and we know how to deliver it. Make it a reality for you to work productively, securely, anywhere and anytime.

Ungoti Digital Workplace Offerings

Our services include

Software Development

Custom Development

Build custom software solutions that are robust and reliable. Plan ,build and maintain.

Process Automation

Streamline operations with custom workflows. Make your business do things faster with greater productivity.

Custom Business Apps

Enhance and scale your business applications and processes by using them on any device.

Microsoft 365

As Microsoft partners we offer the following services leveraging the Microsoft 365 platform.


Remove the limits to your growth. Collaborate and complete projects from different locations, using new technologies, software and networks.


To make the most of SharePoint’s many features, you need an experienced Microsoft partner. One that really knows how to guide and support you.


Migrate your documents, emails, contacts, tasks to MS 365. Enhance productivity and communication by leveraging Microsoft 365.

Support & Maintenance

25 years of experience and support

Unexpected mishaps can happen anytime. Technology cannot be guaranteed 100% of the time. You have a least expected emergency, we got you covered.

25 years experience

custom packages

Regular Monitoring


Flexible hours

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our promise to YOU

Why choose us

people first

First, we listen. Then we work to achieve change the right way.

Proven and experienced

Microsoft Partner, trusted by companies across Europe.


We’re known for creating communication strategies for successful transformations.

The right technology

Solutions, using technology from world-leading providers.

Customised or from zero

Start completely new, or get ready-built solutions customised to what you need.

An ear (or two) for you

Transformation is more than just a partnership. So talk to us whenever you need help.

Ready to get started?

Let’s talk about ways to prepare your business for the future (whatever stage you’re at). Contact us today to learn how our customized plans can help grow your business.

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