About Us

People first, then technology. That’s the Ungoti approach to transformation. Everything is customised to fit your people and your business – from communication and strategy, to technologies and infrastructure.

We’re a Microsoft partner, offering you mountains of experience, and bring you ideas, innovation, all joined by a collaborative spirit.

Ungoti is a zulu word meaning ‘expert’ or ‘specialist’– which is what we certainly are.

Why choose Ungoti

because your most valuable resource is your people
(that’s the short answer)

The longer answer is…
… Choose Ungoti and you instantly get 25+ years’ experience in transforming companies and helping them prepare for the future.

You also get the technology to give your employees the best possible digital workplace. And you get a communications strategy that brings democracy, trust, and everyone working in the same direction.

The Ungoti pledge to you

In a way, the technology is the easy part. We can build systems for companies to collaborate easier, be more productive and create new processes – like never before. The biggest challenge is combining the power of this technology… with the power of communication. One without the other will give you a big system error. That’s why, with your satisfaction our top priority, we offer:

  • high quality service from highly qualified team members
  • the latest and greatest transformation technology
  • ever-evolving (and very much up-to-date) ways to deliver on what you need
  • to put your people at the heart of your transformation
  • a focus on building strong relationships where we can share ideas openly

These are based on values we apply to our clients and to ourselves:

  • Honesty & integrity – Trusting people to do the right thing
  • Safety & quality – Providing the best possible work environment for clients, employees and partners
  • Continuous improvement – Ungoti employees are always improving their skills and knowledge to benefit themselves and clients
  • Respect & professionalism – Treating everyone the right way – customers, employees, partners, suppliers, and contractors
  • Building foundations – Every project is about creating strong foundations for positive business relationships

The Ungoti mission:

Your satisfaction, our methodology

These values underpin our mission – to help you become more productive using cutting-edge digital transformation tools and methods. Naturally, the top priority of this mission is your satisfaction. Satisfaction in how we connect your employees, provide the platform for new ideas, and bring innovation into your business – physically and virtually.

The Ungoti vision:

Your growth, our expertise

Alongside this mission is a vision of the future. Where individuals come together to create something of greater value. Where communities are supported to grow and achieve in a sustainable way. So yes, you’ll get game-changing products and services to transform your business. You’ll also get a partner for a long-term business relationship focused on your goals. That’s because we know successful transformation is about you the people first, then the technology.

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