Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve a truly effective digital transformation for all by using cutting edge tools and methods efficiently and to become more productive.

The Ungoti approach to solve IT challenges: Our client’s satisfaction is our first priority. Our focus is to provide professional, industry leading services that will stand out from the rest. Connecting people, captivating and transforming ideas, innovating the future and accelerating digital transformation.

In prospering our Mission and in support of its Values, we:

  • provide the highest quality service to our clients by combining highly qualified team members with our work methodology.
  • strive to support our projects with the most advanced technology to ensure that we take advantage of the efficiency and precision it offers.
  • constantly improve our deliverables to our clients and add value to its organization.
  • believe in people as the first step to an effective and efficient digital transformation for organizations.
  • build lasting relationships with our clients by listening and addressing their needs in a way that allows them, as well as us, to succeed.
  • support our employees in a way that encourages learning, growth and recognition of excellent performance.

Our Vision

Based on the different IT consulting concepts and shared information we can conclude that the future is not just about working alone, but growing teams and networks. Teams of talent that work together to create value that represent new forms of collaboration.

Ungoti helps promote the sustainable and economic growth of communities. Through our professional experience in digital transformation, we guide and support our clients so they can achieve their goals. We work tirelessly to ensure that our projects are mutually successful for everyone and we strive to forge relationships that stand the test of time. Our work allows our clients to offer innovative products and services to people all over the world in a safer, faster, more efficient and cheaper way than ever. We believe that digital transformation must put people first and then technology.

We promote cloud computing as an indispensable tool to improve productivity, efficiency and business models of all organizations. We are always at your disposal.

Our Values

Ungoti continually strives to excel in the following values that provide long-term profitability, growth and a greater capacity to help its clients.

Honesty and integrity: We believe in people and expect them to comply with these basic principles of integrity and honesty. “Do the right thing” and trust the team and colleagues.

We focus on safety and quality: We guarantee a safe work environment for our employees, clients and partners. The focus on safety contributes to the overall quality. Ungoti employees work to produce the highest quality work.

Continuous improvement: We offer professional and technical excellence to our clients by continuously improving the skills of our employees. By providing professional excellence we create the opportunity for our employees to grow and advance with us, hence providing an improved service to our clients.

Respect for our employees, customers, partners, suppliers and subcontractors: treating others with respect allows us to demonstrate the professionalism of a collaborative and efficient team environment that helps provide excellent service to our clients.

Cultivate long-term relationships with our clients: each project that we undertake is an opportunity to forge a long-term relationship with our clients over time.