Healthcare intranet, how Valo Intranet helps

Valo’s intranet-in-a-box solutions have been providing excellent options for organizations across the spectrum of business. Valo Intranet’s ease of implementation has been a game-changer for the hospital and health sciences industry in particular. Valo Intranet currently supplies its winning combination of industry-leading tools to over 2 million users from over 45 countries. This accounts for some 600 customers. Take a look at these three case studies to see how Valo Intranet has supplied amazing hospital intranet and healthcare intranet solutions to these companies:

UK Hospice

A well known UK Hospice needed to install a new intranet built on SharePoint, as its previous system was obsolete. They had a staff complement of less than 250 people.


The Hospice had an older-version on-premises SharePoint intranet, dating back to 2007. Users did not like it and as a result, it mainly served the purpose of a document store.

The SharePoint server was functioning sub-optimally and could not share trustee documents any more. This led to users sending emails with bulk attachments to each other. Clearly, the Hospice needed to upgrade to a new, best-in-class cloud-based intranet. This would help their document needs and even aid remote work.

How Valo Intranet helped:

The Hospice’s IT team were on the lookout for an all-in-one solution based on SharePoint.

They first wanted to simply upgrade to the new SharePoint and add extra functionality around their needs. But when they viewed a demo of Valo Intranet, they were decided to invest in its full functionality and SharePoint integration.

Intranet users at the Hospice quickly became major advocates of Valo’s layout which was integrated seamlessly within SharePoint. This aspect was a winner because it was far better than anything else on the market and had a great design.

Also, they found it easier to navigate around the system, which was so much more intuitive to what they were used to. They also loved how Valo’s mobile app allowed them to work remotely. Perfect for a healthcare intranet, right?

Benefits enjoyed:

  • Valo Intranet is built fully on SharePoint, which is what they needed
  • As a non-profit, they were able to enjoy Valo’s charity pricing
  • Valo just had a far better design and aesthetic, leading to high adoption rates
  • The news banner and information functionality allowed them to broadcast important company news quickly
  • As a remote workforce that had been working with and old system before, they really felt the difference
  • The Valo Intranet solution which is integrated with SharePoint offered great patient record security, a must have for a healthcare intranet.

The IMNT Manager was thrilled with the result, “We’ve gone from having 20 remote workers a day to up to 150, which is a huge jump for us. Thankfully Valo Intranet enabled us to allow remote working. It means that people can get on with a lot of their work without the need for terminal services”.

An Epilepsy Foundation

The Foundation was looking for a new user-friendly intranet to connect its workforce, which was spread over a large campus. The charity, made up of less than 250 people, wanted to be able to share content and news. This would make its team members feel like they were an important part of the organization.

The Foundation was looking for a visually-appealing and more user-friendly interface. They preferred not to build anything themselves, and they were in luck with Valo’s great intranet-in-a-box solutions.

How Valo Intranet helped:

The Valo Intranet partner in the area provided great video tutorials for staff as the solution was rolled out. The Foundation’s marketing and communication teams found that the Valo partner was able to quickly answer any questions that arose during the installation. This provided valuable confirmation that the Valo Intranet solution does not only provide great native tools, but all their partners are carefully selected and trained.

Benefits enjoyed:

  • The Foundation quickly discovered that they enjoyed a corporate identity which felt exactly the same across the whole Foundation. What’s more, there was even scope for small individual touches by each team
  • Valo Intranet allowed team members from widely different companies to use it in ways that fit their needs. This could be news sharing and content sharing, or providing presentations of their work.
  • The Foundation found that after the initial setup, Valo Intranet’s intuitive design meant that there was limited need for tutorials or manuals

Labs ABC

The lab company had just doubled their staff from a company merger. They were looking for the perfect healthcare intranet platform to connect and introduce new team members to one another. They also wanted to keep staff up to date with information about the newly formed company, which was changing all the time.

They were also interested in a tool which could encourage ideation and collaboration between the new teams.

How Valo Intranet helped:

The company selected Valo intranet and Valo Idea Management as a joint tool. They were already using Office 365 and SharePoint, so it made perfect sense to customize the Microsoft-compatible Valo Intranet to their exact needs.

This compatibility was a great help as they only had two months to implement a new platform, so time was precious.

they were thrilled with Valo’s customized digital workplace tools. Their staff were able to find people and information far quicker than before. One great outcome of this was that their systems and processes became much faster and more transparent.

Benefits enjoyed:

  • All company information was located in one central place
  • Valo Intranet’s powerful search directory was crucial
  • Teams were able to work with more clarity and transparency
  • The fast-growing team was not hampered by slow and outdated tools

The Manager of Communications & PR for the company, was very impressed with the end result, “Valo has given us a company-wide platform which is the lynchpin of our communications. It offers all our employees everywhere access to important content as well as our interactive organization chart, which shows our current research areas transparently and clearly.”


Valo Intranet is a transformative tool for organizations seeking to modernize their business and improve internal communications. With an extensive suite of robust and intuitive tools, it is a hard product to better, if you’re looking for the perfect healthcare intranet. Hospitals and healthcare companies are just some of the types of organizations who benefitting from this game-changing product.

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