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You need a SharePoint specialist

if you answer ‘yes’ to one or more of the following questions:

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  • Do you, like every other business, wish to boost your organization’s potential, quality, and productivity?
  • Are you looking for ways to improve your employees’ performance and help them stay connected?
  • Do you worry that your employees are not working toward a common goal or purpose of the organization?
  • Are you looking for a solution that will take care of your team’s collaboration needs?
  • A SharePoint specialist can introduce you to a web-based collaborative platform that is designed to help your business and give your employees space to communicate, exchange data, and work together.
  • SharePoint is a powerful platform that is designed to meet the needs of your business regardless of the size of your organization or industry.
  • SharePoint allows you to manage and share content. SharePoint services ensure that the platform seamlessly aligns with your company to ensure it works effectively and profitably for you. It’s the perfect platform for employees and teams to collaborate and ensure your organization is more productive.

You need more than just a solution

– you need a Microsoft SharePoint specialist

Migrating to SharePoint? A SharePoint specialist can help solve your SharePoint challenges – whether it is migrating data, customizing the intranet, or giving your site a fresh look.

You can rely on Ungoti's SharePoint consulting services

Ungoti is a Zulu word, which means ‘expert’ or ‘specialist,’ and that is just what we are. 

SharePoint specialist

We build customized and complex workflows

With the SharePoint platform, we can help your business reach new levels. Our services include:






SharePoint consulting

Having trouble with SharePoint?

We can help!

Ungoti’s SharePoint services can help you improve your business by helping you to:

  • Work more efficiently by sharing the latest and most relevant documents, data, and information with departments, teams, or individual employees.
  • Create your business collaboration platform so that leadership, management, and employees can work toward one goal and purpose.
  • Create & manage your own collaborative web sites easily so that employees can work together no matter where they are based.
  • Simplify how you search and share information so that employees can use their time more productively.
  • Standardize your processes and procedures using workflows so that all your business processes and procedures are streamlined.
  • Integrate your solutions and applications so that all aspects of your business are housed on one platform.
  • Protect your data from unauthorized use so that your business is protected.


As your SharePoint specialist, you get the advantage of our experience and expertise in Microsoft-based solutions. That’s a big advantage you have because we can help solve your SharePoint challenges.

This is what Ungoti’s SharePoint specialists can do for your business:

  • Develop custom web parts, set up internal collaboration and an integrated SharePoint environment
  • Build SharePoint workflows
  • Automate your business processes
  • Use collaborative solutions to your most pressing problems
  • Create SharePoint content management solutions
  • Implement Business Intelligence solutions
  • Improve how your employees search and share information

Get ready to witness results that matter

Migrating to SharePoint might be a mean feat to some. But here at Ungoti, we know what we are taking on when we take on a new business project. We also know the kind of results you expect. We follow ten steps to get your business onto SharePoint. So, when we work with you, this is what you can expect:

Step 1: A thorough and detailed study of your business needs to see how best they can be aligned with SharePoint’s capabilities.

Step 2: Share our knowledge with you on how we can use SharePoint to meet your business needs.

Step 3: Create an architecture that will guarantee a stable and reliable operation of the SharePoint solution, as well as the ability to ensure trouble-free maintenance.

Step 4: We include out-of-the-box SharePoint features, if necessary, to ensure all your business requirements are met. We also ensure that your data is not compromised and is 100% safe from external threats and security breaches by configuring security settings and permissions.

Step 5: We take a step back and customize your unique solution. Improvements are made by creating a customized user interface and ensuring a better user experience. Our team of SharePoint specialists ensures that your corporate identity, brand, and unique business process are completely supported by the SharePoint Environment.

Step 6: Once the foundation is laid, your data is migrated seamlessly from your existing solution to the latest SharePoint version. We also migrate data from an older SharePoint solution to the latest SharePoint version.

Step 7: We build a completely collaborative environment by integrating your new SharePoint solution with your enterprise systems (if you have any), such as ERP, HER, CRM, HR, BI, ECM, and more.

Step 8: Your solution undergoes a stringent quality check process to ensure there are no functional errors or storage bottlenecks. Quality assurance includes test planning, test automation, continuous testing during the development process, integration testing, release testing, and regular code review.

Step 9: We train your content managers, administrators, and employees through live training sessions, interactive videos, and user manuals.

Step 10: We will provide you with continuous support, and our SharePoint specialists are always at your beck and call to answer doubts and queries you might have and to address technical problems if they arise.

Why choose Ungoti as your SharePoint specialist?

We put people first and align technology with people.

When you choose Ungoti as your SharePoint specialist, you get more than just a solution that transforms your business’ performance. You get:

  • Fast-paced progress to ensure quick results
  • Efficient SharePoint services from start to finish
  • A professional and reliable team from Ungoti who will work with you – for you
  • Flexibility to ensure your needs are met

We are always happy to help – get in touch with us today

Book your SharePoint consulting appointment with us today, and our team will get in touch with you. We are always happy to provide businesses with a consultation on our SharePoint solutions.

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