Document Management

Get everyone working on the same page

Want your team to always have any document available? Without any duplicates or messy email forwarding, stored in one place, and accessible on any device? You need Ungoti’s Document Management service.

Digitalising information for digital workplaces

End file sprawl and document duplication

It’s popular among companies who want documents consolidated into one repository. Where they can forget about file server limitations, confusing ‘access denied’ messages, inconsistent naming conventions and document duplication without any consistent and managed version control.

Document Management will transform your business

Maybe you’re aiming for a paperless office? Looking for ways to be more productive across regions? Or you want to collect, digitalise and standardise documents as part of a wider digital transformation?

Whatever your goal, the most important thing is that you’re on this page. Because now you can relax – we’ll get you to where you want to be.

Organised documents

Easy searching

Version control

No time wasting

What’s in it for YOU

& structured

Set permissions to limit document and repository access. Get an audit trail, to know who’s viewed and when.

Search & find
without hassle

Add extra (meta) data so you can easily find documents. Always know you’re viewing the latest document.

your goals

We can help you define what’s needed. Processes, workflows, storage, collaboration and much more.


No more large filing cabinets or paying for physical storage. Store in the cloud and enjoy lower and more flexible costs.

& adopted

We can train your employees so they quickly understand the new system. Helping you keep ‘Business As Usual’.

& integration

People can work together in real-time. Plus there’s integration options if you want to integrate some programs.

The Importance of a Document Management System

With guaranteed safety controlled at every level and a proven durability, digital documentation managed by a dedicated system is the best option for important documents, especially in large businesses.

Ready to manage your documents?

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Structure your DATA
Discover how to bring structure to your unstructured documents today.

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Document Management: Ready to get organised?

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