Enterprise Collaboration

Hands-on implementation from enterprise collaboration experts

There’s only one thing more important that modernising your workplace. And that’s making sure you go beyond just having the right technology (naturally, as a Microsoft Partner we give you that). 

You also need a partner who knows how to guide change, in a way that encourages staff to adopt new ways of communicating and working with intelligent, transformative tools. 

What’s more, you need a partner who can plan a strategy that gets buy-in and makes your operations run more efficiently. When you need all this together, choose Ungoti.


Get the right tools your employees need to work together better. That means giving you new platforms to combine knowledge and share expertise. Always with a focus on helping you create the digital workplace you need for now and the future.


Helping you form partnerships based on your needs. Whether that’s releasing new products, speeding up processes, or reducing costs and boosting ROI. Everything is delivered to give end-to-end benefits between your business, users and customers.


Treat this specialist service as a virtual hub, with all the resources, documents and services you need. Available for your business, partners or customers. With 24/7 anytime anywhere access, for better collaboration, productivity and accountability.

How enterprise collaboration looks in practice


Your platforms, apps and software is analysed, optimised and integrated. The result – a customised workspace with all the advantages of third-party integrations.


First, we identify silos – then we develop strategies to bring departments together. Creating a ‘single source of truth’ for projects, documents, and resources.


The most important element of enterprise collaboration – your employees. That’s why we create, manage and build a culture of collaboration with every implementation.

Start your collaboration journey

Let’s create the connected workplace your business needs to thrive.

Why companies choose Ungoti for enterprise collaboration


Intranets, social tools, video conferencing


IT architecture that’s built to grow as you grow


Documents, policies, processes – controlled and monitored


Apps, platforms and processes – built to your requirements


Your data protected, with version control, approval workflows, and audit trails


Access proven Microsoft tools such as SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams

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