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Collaboration & Innovation: Your present & future

To successfully adapt to new ways of working, everything starts internally. That means your intranet services.
Of course, we don’t just install intranet services and leave you to get on with it.

We make sure you get the most out of your intranet, supporting your employees every step of the way. Customising, optimising and managing – as your intranet partner.

Plus, with our infrastructure expertise, you also get a collaborative intranet ready for future technologies such as AI, IoT, and whatever else you want to succeed with.





intranet collaboration

Sharing insight and ideas just got a whole lot easier (and more fun). Use intranet groups to exchange ideas, start discussions, and conduct surveys.

internal website

The simpler way to run onboarding, training and business processes. Easily share, track and manage the documents you and your employees need.

distributed intranet

Ideal for larger companies with employees over wide regions. Localise and decentralise your intranets to keep things bespoke – even at scale.


Everything available to whoever needs it, whenever they need it. Private portals for partners, self-service tools for customers, authorised access for stakeholders.

ready-to-go intranet

When you want something rapidly deployed. Get your intranet pre-configured with features, saving time, and leave us to handle upgrades and maintenance.

intranet migration

Keep the best of what you’ve got, from tools and tasks, to data and discussions. We’ll move it to a modern system that supports your future goals – cloud or on-premises.

Ready to get started?

See how your intranet Partner can customise your exact requirements.

Spark innovation

Creation & ideation

Intranet services for working better together

Content management

The documents you need, always available, shareable and up-to-date. With powerful archiving that take the hassle out of audits.


Tools that empower your employees to work online together – from anywhere. Designed to help you build and develop company culture and values.


Advanced and intuitive search is one of the best ways to break down siloes. We know because we’ve made it happen for businesses like you.


Alongside the new technology, we give you the training to help make your modern intranet a success.


Give your employees the tools they need to work well. Benefit from technologies such as Microsoft 365 and SharePoint.

Privacy & security

Keep your internal business in-house, with passwords, IP filtering and encryption as standard.