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Valo Intranet

The Valo Intranet solution is your ready to go, modern and award winning digital workplace solution. The intranet in a box solution is built on top of SharePoint 365 or SharePoint on-premise.

The Valo Intranet solution is built according to Microsoft’s recommendations for implementing a sustainable cloud soution.

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Intranet in a box -fall in love with your intranet
Ungoti Valo Intranet Certified Partner Black

The Valo intranet digital workplace solution comprises of 3 independent product modules:

Valo Intranet


All the most popular intranet features.

Valo Teamwork


Manage your groups, teams and collaboration tools.

Valo Idea Management

Valo Idea Management

Collect and nurture ideas.

Valo intranet solution on laptop, tablet and mobile phone

An intranet solution to Communicate, Collaborate
& Co-innovate

Best digital workplace experience because it really
makes a difference.

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Valo Intranet Digital Workplace,
a Multi-Award winner.

Clearbox Choice Value 2018-9
ESPC Awards - Best Mobile Solution 2018
ESPC Awards - Best Intranet Extranet Solution 2017 & 2016

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Ready to go Intranet solution features

Core features

News Publishing

Target news audiences. Engage users with comments and likes.

Event Hub

Stay up to date with upcoming events, trainings and conferences.

Quick Links

Navigate quickly to your favourite links with dynamic quick links.

News Alerts

Be alerted with a pop-up for important announcements.


Share content with others with the intuitive blog platform.

Page Templates

A set of predefined, intuitive page templates readily designed for use.


Employees can sell, buy and donate items in an in-house marketplace.


Get insights. Publish and analyze your surveys quick and easy.


Most common, everyday forms ready to go for internal use.


Share categorized dedicated FAQs, how-to's in a dynamic way.


In-house recruitment made simple using Valo tools.


Find what you are looking for, quickly and easily.

More features

Expand and add more features with Valo add-ons.

People Finder

Search for colleagues quickly using people search and Delve profiles.

Social Hub

Exploit all your social media platforms in one unique area.

Delve Blogs

Incorporate and merge all staff blogs in one place.


Incorporate your videos on Office 365 Video portal in your intranet.


Display your intranet in a local language. 20+ languages available.

Admin Tools & Analytics

Easily view your statistics. Analyze trends and more.

Valo Intranet, your ready to go intranet in a box solution hosted on Office 365 and SharePoint.

Valo Teamwork on laptop

Valo Teamwork

Find and manage your groups, team sites and collaboration tools. Take collaboration to new heights. Valo Teamwork is available as an add-on or standalone solution.

Valo Idea Management

Co-innovate across your organization. Get creative. Collect and nurture ideas. Valo Idea Management provides a platform, ideal for campaigns and reward contributors using the gamification feature. Valo Idea Management is available as an add-on or standalone solution.

Valo Idea Management on laptop

Stay up-to-date with Valo Fresh

Keep your Valo intranet up-to-date with all the Valo product updates. Align with Microsoft platform updates.

Discover the endless value of Valo Intranet

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