Digital Workplace

Creating digital workplaces

Before Covid-19, many companies saw the digital workplace as a ‘long-term’ goal. Of course, since Covid-19 that’s all changed to ‘as quickly as possible’. 

That’s why Ungoti offers an effective and proven process for companies to recover productivity, work remotely, and turn your physical office virtual.

How we digitise your workplace

Think about CHANGE

Technology has always driven change, it’s just that Covid-19 has given it an extra boost. Of course, new technology also poses challenges around ways of working, health and safety, security, training… the list goes on. Happily for businesses like you, the changing to a digital workplace offers huge benefits – when delivered by a team like Ungoti.


Get ready to enjoy powerful networks built As-A-Service (rather than restricted by regions or departments). See employees equipped with everything they need to work on any device, anywhere, anytime. Along with training, cost control, and strategic implementation.


meets autonomy

Empower your employees to work remotely or in the office, in multi-device environments with multi-operating systems.

for success

Access your data anywhere, anytime, and securely. A cloud that scales with your content, storage and processes.

& Participation

Enable your employees to connect when, where and how they want. Secure, motivated and results-focused.

& control

Connect and control networks with powerful monitoring and security. Protecting you against loss, theft and attacks.

Better business

End-to-end availability, efficient operations and maintenance, with metrics for your employees and business.

More satisfaction,
less cost

We guarantee technological improvement, with flexible, scalable models for prediction, planning and investment.

Key apps for the digital workplace

Discover the apps you’ll need to satisfy employee demands from a digital workplace:

Content sharing

Project management

Workplace management

Document processes