Idea management

Technology to spark innovation, creation & ideation

Turn basic conversations into great ideas

Think of all your employees – and then think of all their ideas. Imagine if you could collect these ideas in one place. Sharing them, expanding on them, and applying the best of them for your business. This is Idea management.

That’s what you get with this service. Crowdsourcing internal ideas to discuss in MS Teams to improve employee engagement, satisfaction and business results.

You’ll find lots of visual elements to keep people engaged. Badges, likes, comments – familiar to anyone who uses social networks. Choose Ungoti and get ready to optimise your idea-to-launch process.

Good idea lightbulb takeoff


Get powerful ideation tools to empower employees and encourage an ideation culture. Make it happen anytime, anywhere.


Build infrastructure for environments that generate ideas. Making it easy for decision-makers to act on the best contributions.

Ideas Analysing


Assess feedback, refine ideas, see popular sentiment within your organisation. That way, the best ideas rise to the top of discussions.


Watch ideas grow organically across all levels. People from different departments share expertise online and in real-time.

Ideas adapting


Whether you’re working from home or offering flexible working, we’ll help you keep doing business (and generating ideas) as usual.

Ideas innovating


These tools are about making ideation fun, flowing, and fast. It’s the next best thing to face-to-face discussions – all at the scale you need.

How idea management looks in practice

Ideas filter

Advanced filtering

Group ideas by campaign type, team, benefit, category, and trending.

Ideas bots


Automate routine parts of the ideation process, freeing your team to focus on the fun stuff.


Ideas without borders or hierarchies – enabling any employee to contribute.

Ideas compatable


Works across all main browsers, different devices, with multiple languages.

Ideas checklist


WCAG 2.1 compliant, so you give every employee an equal voice in the ideation process.


Open up your idea channels to external crowds, run hackathons, survey audiences.


Add idea management to extend your existing intranet or as a stand-alone product.

Single Sign-On

Tools are linked to Microsoft 365, keeping things fully integrated.

Ideas personalization


Give your employees a bespoke experience, with their own customised dashboards.

Explore how to harness your organisational insights.