Intranet gamification


Understanding Intranet Gamification: How to make it work

The term Intranet gamification has been overused so much since 2010 that it has started seeming like a buzzword now. However, companies like Google have reportedly benefited from it, so it’s safe to say that gamification has its share of advantages for the workplace.

The NICE systems reported only 31% of the organizations to be using unique digital mechanisms or gaming techniques for increasing employee engagement. With time, however, the number of companies deploying gamification is bound to increase.

So, it’s important to know what gamification is and how you can use it in your workplace.

What Is Intranet Gamification?

Although no two sources would give you the same definitional, intranet gamification refers to the integration of an existing system, such as an intranet, with a gaming mechanism.

The users (or players) in a gamification system earn rewards by fulfilling their tasks more efficiently due to the natural desire for competition. That’s why many enterprises are using intranet gamification to drive employee engagement and productivity.

The common gamification mechanisms include:

  • Achievement levels (employees reach a certain level after completing particular tasks)
  • Points scoring
  • Achievement badges
  • Leaderboard
  • Progression bars (employees can see their progress against their colleagues)
  • Easter eggs
  • Unlocks (employees unlock certain privileges when they complete tasks)

Gamification is particularly useful in cases where employees are busy doing dull tasks for hours at end.

Why Should You Use Intranet Gamification?

Companies are gradually turning towards intranet gamification mainly because it works. It’s an amazing tool you can use in the digital workplace to make employees perform their roles better.

Additionally, you can set objectives for them and reward them for their performance through fun challenges, competitions, and achievement levels.

Since gamification has a behavioral effect on the employees, it urges them to work harder and better. A Gallup survey showed that 70% of the employees in the US are disengaged in their work, leading to a financial loss of up to $550 billion annually.

Adding a gamification mechanism to your workplace might help you bridge the gap between employee engagement and productivity.

An Aberdeen Group report shows that companies that use gamification techniques can reduce turnover by 36% and boost workforce engagement by 48%.

Now that millennials occupy a large part of the global workforce, it makes sense to employ gamification mechanisms. The current generation is already driven by social media and gaming apps.

Thus, integration of the same approach in the workplace could be useful in increasing productivity.

How Is Intranet Gamification Helpful?

Intranet Gamification improves employee engagement, boosts productivity, and supports intellectual stimulations. Here are some ways intranet gamification can streamline your work processes.

Helps In Learning New Things

With new technology coming along every other day, your workforce has to keep up with the times. However, it can often be challenging to learn new software and other forms of technology.

Gamification helps employees learn new things faster since they approach the idea with a sense of competition. Plus, they know they’ll be rewarded for their tasks.

For example, when you can use the Unlock gamification mechanism to encourage employees to learn about the new system. The employees can unlock some privileges, such as free bagels with coffee when they learn a functionality in the new software.

Increase Employee Engagement

Engagement refers to how employees interact with the organization. Most employees are disengaged since they don’t get a sense of fulfilment from their work. That’s where gamification comes into play and engages your workforce.

For instance, you can give achievement badges to the employees as per their engagement. Some examples include the Super Employee badge for completing the HR assessment form.

Better Problem Solving

Problems are an evitable part of the workflow, and many a time, your workforce would fail to solve the ones that come their way. However, if they’re following a gamification mechanism, they’ll have a better chance of coming to the solution.

For instance, if you create a scavenger hunt, your employees are more likely to reach the solution because they’ll have an incentive to do so.

Stronger Employee Connections

Employees need to collaborate with each other for the success of the organization. By using team-based gamification, you can foster a stronger employee connection to make the workforce a tight-knit unit.

Tips for Integrating Intranet Gamification Into the Workplace

Like any other tool, when you employ intranet gamification, you won’t see the results overnight. Moreover, you may experience a bit of reluctance from the employees before they get on board with the new mechanism.

Here are a few tips for deploying intranet gamification.

Determine the Endgame

Managers often intend on using gamification without any goals in mind. You should know precisely why you’re using intranet gamification and what the employees will get from it.

Yes, you may be looking to gamification for increasing productivity and engagement, but your goal needs to be more tangible than this. For instance, you can set out to meet a certain milestone or reach a particular profit amount with the gamification technique.

Only then you’ll know if it’s even working for your workplace.

Choose Areas That Need Attention

Gamification works best in places that are in need of attention. For instance, if there’s a specific task in the workplace that’s considered boring or dull by the employees, you should focus on gamifying it.

Integrating gamification into such tasks is an excellent way to ensure that the job is not overlooked by the employees.

Use It For New Recruits

Gamification helps new employees ease into the workplace and collaborate with others. For instance, you can give rewards to employees who finish their first-week tasks on time.

Give Thoughtful Rewards

It’s complicated to find a one-size-fits-all system but you must choose rewards that your employees actually want. What’s the use of a Starbucks gift card to someone who does not drink caffeine?

You should take your employees’ interests into consideration and personalize the rewards where needed.


As discussed, Intranet gamification can be immensely helpful in changing the face of your organization. In a time when most of the workforce is overworked and disengaged, gamification can make work seem less like a burden and more like a rewarding activity.