Valo intranet is a multi award-winning intranet solution. It has recently won the best intranet site award at the ESPC awards 2019. It won the same award in 2016 and 2017. It was also recognized as the best mobile solution at the 2018 ESPC awards. It is known as an intranet-in-a-box because of its ease of implementation. It is built in line with Microsoft recommendations and is hosted on Office 365 and Sharepoint. For organizations who require a solution which prioritizes quick implementation and simple user adoption, Valo Intranet is the perfect tool. It is leaps and bounds ahead of its competition. Continue reading this Valo intranet review and discover why.

Intranets in The Modern Organization

Intranets are closed-off networks that are used by members of an organizational group. They are built to give all the benefits of the internet to a private network of individuals.

The main benefits of this type of system are privacy, security, and autonomy. Organizations can keep anything from documents, multimedia files, and photographs on the system. Intranets can be used for various kinds of communication, as well as for hosting social media-style platforms. It is for these reasons that they are the perfect tool for the modern organization.

Organizations are very interested in promoting an internal culture which fosters team collaboration. This makes intranets perfect for the job as they are great for sharing organizational news. This creates a sense of community. Valo Intranet has been consistently voted the best intranet site because it is a cut above the rest.

Best-In-Class Features

What’s a Valo intranet review worth without boasting its features. So here we go.

Even though Microsoft Sharepoint itself has good news-sharing functionality, Valo Intranet goes one step further by making content more intuitively shareable. On Valo, you can target messages to different groups within the same organization.

Visually, Valo Intranet is stunning. It gets the message across graphically when announcing important events like new team members or new live events. Its core features contain more tools than many competitors can manage. It has a particularly powerful social element. The full range of features includes:

      • News Publishing – Aimed at targeted audiences
      • Event Hub – Diary of upcoming events
      • Quick Links – Clickable and dynamic links take you anywhere
      • News Alerts – Major announcements in pop-up form
      • Page Templates – Ready-to-use designs for a range of needs
      • Classifieds – In-house marketplace for buyers and sellers
      • Surveys – Poll your workforce and analyse results
      • Forms – Commonly-used forms in a central repository
      • FAQs – Always a useful way to direct questions
      • Vacancies – Career opportunities in one section
      • Search – Powerful search actions

These features are not created for the sake of themselves. They often lead to quantifiable improvements in productivity and collaboration. This has the knock-on effect of reducing the time that individual and shared tasks consume.

Excellent Design

Valo is visually pleasing. This best intranet site is characterized by large and intuitive design panels. It is responsive to design changes and is equally aesthetically attractive on desktop or mobile devices.

Valo Intranet does not resemble your normal SharePoint. It can be tailored to any corporate brand without the need for coding adjustments.
One example is the customizable News Carrousel which displays news to users. These news updates are curated according to the user’s profile. This makes it more targeted and wastes less time. It also promotes engagement.

Sharepoint navigation has traditionally been difficult to master, even for long time users. With its vertical and horizontal menus, it can take a while to figure out what to do. Valo has a mega menu which can be customized per user and can give them a view of the intranet all at once. This usability leaves the more traditional interfaces offered by rivals in the dust.

Valo in numbers

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High User Adoption

Valo Intranet is proud of its more than 2 million happy users, from more than 650 customers, in more than 45 countries. Its mobility is a major win. Staff can access Valo on any company device, be it fixed or mobile. Staff never have to feel disconnected from events.

A large part of its high user adoption is owed to its easy content creation. Any intranet page needs dwell time to show that the content is useful. Content is king and should be easily personalizable. With Valo, content originators can add new pages or modify existing ones with no more than one click.

Ease Of Use

Valo Intranet has a number of customer success stories. The system comes to life when it replaces outdated, under-utilized intranets. This drastically changes the way employees receive news and collaborate.

Valo is also highly useful to customers who have been using a combination of Office 365 tools which were not grouped together. With its deep entrenchment with Microsoft tools, Valo users can now have the full view of the productivity suite.

Through robust ease of use, Valo has gained a number of loyal customers. Many benefit from the enhanced features such as an analytics dashboard that combines information on intranet page traffic and usage. There is even the option for more detailed analytics through Valo’s use of Google Analytics.

Positive Customer Feedback

Our Valo Intranet review contnues with customer feedback. What do customers say? No wonder that customers consider Valo to be the best intranet site and have issued praise such as: “Valo proved to be a solid product. We appreciate Valo’s constant and proactive updates to keep up with the Office 365’s fast pace evolution”. Other happy customers have said, “Thanks to Valo Intranet’s key-ready nature, we were able to launch a world-class social Intranet for our people very rapidly and with a low cost.”

Valo is so intuitive and versatile that is applicable to a number of different types of organizations. Some recent case studies indicate client wins with a City Council client with as many as 20 000 users. Another happy user is a scientific research company with no more than 250 users who made great use of Valo’s Idea Management tools. This proves it can be cost-effective to all kinds of organizations.


To conclude the Valo Intranet review and as we head into the future, Valo Intranet is primed to continue its stranglehold on its segment. Having already won best intranet in 2016, 2017, and 2019, it will continue to dominate. This is because it is aligned with Microsoft’s development plans for SharePoint and Office 365. Valo will be able to take any changes in its stride. This will ensure that it continues to be the best intranet site in its sector.

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