OpenExpo Europe 2019 Madrid IT Open Innovation Summit

OpenExpo Europe 2019 Madrid Spain

The OpenExpo Europe is a popular international event. The Fair and Annual Conference for Open Source, Free Software and Open World Economy event is approaching.

Who will be there

OpenExpo Europe is attended by over 3 500 national and international representatives. These include developers, experts, executives, suppliers and users of all levels from leading companies ,institutions and well known brands. Do you want to stay behind?

Why you need to attend

As mentioned previously, over 3500 representatives will be attending.

Reasons for you to attend the summit:

  • Covers all open technologies.
  • Helps companies accelerate digital transformation.
  • Meet leading professionals and companies within the industry.
  • Gain expert insight from the leaders in IT and market research.
  • Discover and analyze trends
Open Expo Europe Madrid 2019

Top 5 events

The OpenExpo Europe 2019 features these top 5 events all combined into one event. Sounds like a good deal to me. The events are:

  1. European Cybersecurity Forum
  2. AI & IOT Summit
  3. Fintech Forum
  4. Open CIO Summit
  5. Open Tech Conference

The Leading Enterprise IT Open Innovation Summit

This event is to share, present, discover and evaluate solutions and industry trends.

Date and Venue


The OpenExpo Europe 2019, takes place on Thursday, 20 June 2019. It starts at 09:00 am and ends at 10:00 pm. That’s just under 2 months away. so, it’s time to start making those plans.


This popular event will be held at La Nave Madrid, Calle Cifuentes, 5 – 28021 Madrid


General Pass – 60% discount: €20. Sales until April 30, 2019. This allows you access to the event.

Full Pass – Products and Services Providers: €2 200. Entry for technology product and service providers.

Watch this rather cool video.

More information

Go here if you need more information.

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