The digital transformation of work

New technologies today (ICT) lead us to a digital transformation of work and a digital transformation of people. We can thank the Digital Workplace model. This model helps improve interaction and communication between workers, partners, customers and consumers.

Digital Transformation is the complete digitalization process of an organization. This aims to favour aspects like the retention of talent, teamwork, access and information security, effective communication, agility, efficiency improvement and significant increase in productivity. Yes, this refers to the digital transformation of work and the digital transformation of people., i.e changing the way our people work on a daily basis.

More commonly this refers to, adapting to the new times and implementing the new Digital Workplace. The new digital workplace should improve not only the business model but also the productivity of the workers. Digital operations also reduce the use of paper, saving costs and simplifying many processes.

The digital workplace contributes to true two-way communication with an agile methodology. This methodology is capable of improving management, developing creativity and even creating new products, services and businesses.

To avoid the failure of many digital transformation processes it is essential to put people at the centre. The digital transformation and people concept. This is a strong belief of Ungoti. We must encourage them to expedite their tasks, to collaborate as a team, to better use the information and to achieve a really efficient and effective communication.

With this in mind, Ungoti dedicates its purpose to rebuilding digital experiences. To innovate ideas, implement them correctly and achieve the best results.

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Born digital transformers

With the support of our partners and with Microsoft technology, Ungoti was born in 2019 with a mission: to provide excellent digital workplaces that foster collaboration between multidisciplinary teams in any organization.

Our goal is to promote a truly effective Digital Transformation through the efficient use of cutting-edge tools and methods.

Digital transformation of work. Team working in office iwth computers.

With the support of partners such as Valo Intranet, Nintex, Microsoft, etc. we have plans for sustainable growth in the short and medium term, also expanding our international presence.

We support all types of ecosystems from small and medium enterprises to startups, public companies, institutions, organizations, foundations, universities etc.

digital transformation and people

Ungoti operates as a technology and software consultant, providing end-to-end services, tracking through an agile and fast configuration that allows us to maintain a good direct line of communication with our clients.

“Our people-based approach, which has guided our company since its foundation, means that when our company works well, our people do it very, very well. Our people work incredibly hard and deserve to share the success of Southwest”.
Gary Kelly
CEO, Southwest Airlines

We took a new path, in which people and customers come first. Together technology and innovation are there to drive us to achieve the objectives of technological change. On this path where new times of technological transformation is progressing, we at Ungoti are involved in achieving goals and bringing our clients’ projects to success. Our focus is digital transformation and the workforce.

Digital transformation and people – the customer in the spotlight

How do we solve digital transformation of work? Understanding our customers is the best way to solve their challenges. We provide value by collaborating, communicating and helping in the processes of change management and technological innovation. The centrality of the user and his experience in the workforce are a substantial part of our work methodology. We establish conversations, interviews, comments, metrics and analysis of relevant data.

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Each project we undertake is an opportunity to build a relationship with our clients over time, always providing the utmost professionalism.

A new brand for many ecosystems and business models

Our brand identity looks to the near future, meeting challenges, innovating itself, but also taking into account the different business models of our customers and the new ones that may arise with technological change and its management. We communicate well with different business cultures and work to get ahead of the market.

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The ultimate goal is to solve the IT challenges and achieve the satisfaction of our customers as our first priority. Our approach is to provide industry-leading professional services that stand out from the rest. Connecting people and ideas, innovating the future and accelerating the digital transformation of work and promoting digital transformation and people.

“Without change there is no innovation, creativity or incentive to improve. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.”
William Pollard

Digital transformation and the workforce

technological transformation of work

Betting on innovation implies, connecting the points and investing in technology that simplifies each job, providing greater efficiency and productivity. Through Digital Workplace technology, we help attract and retain talent by balancing both the digital and the human aspects.

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“Software innovation, like almost any other type of innovation, requires the ability to collaborate and share ideas with other people, and sit and talk with customers and get their comments and understand their needs.”
Bill Gates

Digital transformation and the workforce for us at Ungoti: We connect elements of information technology, communication and management of internal digital talent in order to provide a flexible, adaptive and collaborative work environment that allows us to better understand the needs of our employees, customers and users.

Our vision: people and teams come first

Ungoti helps promote the sustainable and economic growth of communities. Thanks to our professional experience in Digital Transformation, we guide and support our clients to achieve their main objectives. We encourage the creation of integrated teams that provide value and collaborate more efficiently.

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We work tirelessly to ensure our projects are successful and strive to forge collaborative relationships that stand the test of time.
We believe that the only digital transformation of the real and effective workplace is one that first takes into account people, work teams and their needs in the organization.

Future steps: Collaborate to grow

We promote cloud computing as an indispensable tool to improve collaboration, productivity, efficiency and business models in organizations.

“Collaboration is important not only because it is a better way to learn. The spirit of collaboration is penetrating every institution and all our lives. So learning to collaborate is part of equipping for effectiveness, problem solving, innovation and lifelong learning in a constantly changing network economy.”
Don Tapscott

Based on the different consulting concepts of information and communication technologies (ICTs), we can conclude that the future is not only about working alone, but about developing teams and collaborative networks that represent continued growth providing the maximum possible value.

At Ungoti, we help companies to create their own digital strategy. With a platform that integrates:

The technological transformation of work is therefore a whole paradigm shift. It is to move from words to actions, from doing to being.

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